I will work hard to make education a top priority. Arkansas ranks #42 in education. College educated is 31% of population. We need to work together for the children of Arkansas. The children of today are the future of this country, and we should invest and focus on their needs and opportunities.  There are teachers that I have talked with that need more help and support; some have even had to pay out of their own pockets for class room supplies. If we don't make education a top priority our future will not be able to compete in tomorrow's world.
I will work to bring more Job, and better pay for all working Arkansans. Id like to see the unemployment rate go down. I believe if you want to work there should be a job ready for you with good pay.
2nd Amendment
I believe that our rights are given to us by our Creator, those rights are protected by our Constitution. One of those God-given rights is the right to protect one's self. I will protect our right to bear arms. 
I promote Christian values and respect family traditions. I am Pro-Life and I support the life of a child from the womb till adulthood. I believe that every child should have every opportunity to succeed that life has to offer.

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